A PWS Family’s Story

For 19 years, the Angel Drive had provided critical funding to help thousands of PWS families. Please see one family’s story below. We are “Saving and Transforming Lives”.
Hi! I would like to introduce you to my crazy beautiful family. Moises (daddy) Breanna (myself/aka mommy) Madison (10.5 yrs.) Noah (6.5 yrs. diagnosed with cerebral palsy) and last, but not least, Ethan Moses (13 months diagnosed with PWS).

Where do I begin? Aside from the other obvious curve balls in my life, Ethan crash landed with a syndrome I had never dreamt was a real thing. We spent his first 3 weeks’ bedside in the NICU trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces and of words that could’ve cut through thin air. After I mourned the birth of what I thought was a healthy pregnancy (which is normal and healthy) I awoke from my medically termed haze and decided to FIGHT! For myself, my sons, and my family. I hit the Internet (HARD) and found PWSA (USA).

This is where my life and perception of my son changed. He was no longer Ethan with PWS, he was just Ethan, my son. PWSA (USA) gave me the tools and information I needed to fuel the fire inside of me to NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!

They sent me packets, medical alert booklets, contact information for various lifelines, and most importantly FAITH! Faith I was not alone. Faith there was light in the darkness. Faith this syndrome will not define our family.

I was assigned a new parent mentor through PWSA (USA), Lori, not just a mentor, a fellow mom. She cared! She cared deeply for me, my family (whom she’s never met) and our well-being. She took calls and messages from me ANY time I felt weak or clueless. I hope to one day have her grace, and become a part of the PWSA (USA) new parent mentor team, so that I may someday mentor a “me”. Without this organization, I would not have the lady guts to challenge this syndrome head on, the way that I have! Thank you PWSA (USA), for helping me find my “new normal” and for giving me hope, and for sending me other moms (families) who have become my rocks!

All our love and blessings! The Garcia Family
Breanna Garcia

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