PWS and Orthopaedics with Dr. Harold van Bosse

Dr. van Bosse has been practicing pediatric orthopedic surgery exclusively since 1994. He joined the staff of the Shriners Hospitals for Children – Philadelphia in 2008 and devotes much of his work to treating very young children with PWS and spine deformities. During this webinar, Dr. van Bosse discusses diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic challenges in PWS, including osteoporosis and scoliosis.

COVID-19 Risk to Individuals with PWS: How do we protect our loved ones with PWS?

During this webinar, Dr. Jessica Duis and Dr. Stephen Hawkins will address general information about COVID-19, preventive measures, the risk in individuals with PWS, and offer general mental health support/resources during this challenging time.

Social Skills for Individuals with PWS

Elizabeth Roof discusses social skills in PWS: the strengths, the weaknesses and how people with PWS see others and view friendships. During this webinar, she talks about a social skills study and how the positive results can be adapted for use in your home with your child.

Developing Your Child’s Preschool IEP

During this webinar, Amy will discuss the mandated elements of an Individual Education Plan and outline guiding questions to ensure that your child's individual needs, particularly those related to PWS, are addressed as you work in collaboration with your district to develop your elementary school IEP.