Family Support Spotlight: “They Always Made Me Feel Like There is Hope”

"I would like to send a huge thank you to everyone at the Family Support team. The last couple of years have been extremely stressful. My child is really struggling with behavior issues and stealing food. We've had deputies at our house a half dozen times, we've had to call and she has called them on us as well.  She's been admitted to three different hospitals and had multiple extended stays at behavior treatment facilities. Always the result of stealing food, she's done plenty of damage in the house and it's certainly taken a toll on all of us.  

Whenever it was too much to handle, I could always count on PWSA | USA to help us through it.  Just knowing there was someone who knows what we're going through and is willing to listen, has given me the strength to persist. Doctors, nurses, deputies, family, friends, etc. simply can't relate to what we're going through. They all mean well, but nothing can compare to another parent who's been there, done that. The Family Support team has shown incredible patience as I railed and swore and said things I should never say, and they always made me feel like there is hope, and we will get through this episode.  

It takes really special people to be there for those that are exhausted, embarrassed, ashamed, and feeling like the worst parent in the world.  PWS is hard on everyone, and I'm grateful there are people like those on the Family Support team who pick us up and let us know we're not alone. Keep up the great work!! My family appreciates all of you!" 

- Anonymous

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