Volunteer Appreciation Week: Thank YOU for being Part of our CommUNITY!

Volunteer Appreciation Week: Thank YOU for being Part of our CommUNITY!
Over 45 years ago, PWSA (USA) was founded by volunteers. It remained a fully volunteer-run organization until 1980 when our first paid Executive Director was hired (the next paid staff wasn’t hired until 1984!). While the number of staff has grown to 14, our incredible community of volunteers has grown to include hundreds of dedicated supporters who donate their time and talent to helping us save and transform lives.

From our board of directors, to our parent mentors and chapter leaders, to the many more committee and advisory board members, our volunteers bring a wide range of knowledge and skills PWSA (USA) empowering us to support our families while educating and advocating for the PWS community at the individual, state and federal level.

Over the years, parent mentors and chapter leaders have supported and provided information and resources to thousands of families, helping to ease fear by ensuring no one walks the Prader-Willi syndrome journey alone. The Scientific, Clinical, Special Education and Professional Provider Advisory Board members continue to share their expertise which has already led to ground-breaking research, standards of care, and best practices for those treating and supporting individuals with PWS.

One group of volunteers we especially celebrate this Volunteer Appreciation Week is our PWS Adult Advisory Board. These men and women provide insight and feedback to the organization that only someone living with Prader-Willi syndrome can. Their insight guides every decision we make and inspires the programs and resources we provide. And, most importantly, they remind us all that individuals living with PWS should always be at the forefront of our collective minds. For without this, everything else we do would be remiss.

Thank you to all our selfless, generous, thoughtful volunteers. You make a real and meaningful difference every single day. We are #StrongerTogether. Thank you.

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