Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

It is National Teacher Appreciation Week and there is no better time to show the teachers in your life how valuable they are your children’s academic success and overall development!

I once considered becoming a teacher (Who doesn’t; love the idea of getting out of work by 3 PM every day and long summer vacations?!). What I didn’t see before becoming a parent was the countless hours, evenings, weekends, and yes, even summers, teachers spend developing lesson plans, researching ways to engage struggling students, and reaching out to parents and students to stay connected. I am certain you too have received an email from a teacher at 9 PM on a weeknight or even on a Saturday afternoon. (And let us not forget parents who are homeschooling their children…Teacher appreciation week is for you too! Not only are you mom, or dad and doing all the many things that come with it; you have chosen the two hardest jobs in the world!)

Teachers spend at least six hours a day with their students. They know our children well, in some ways better than we do, and they genuinely care about them. The relationship teachers have with students are special and often life changing (I hold a special place in my heart for more than one teacher who believed in me when I didn’t!). Teacher Appreciation Week is a great opportunity to thank the teachers in your life and let them know how important they are to you and your children.

Here are some ideas to recognize the teachers in your life:

  • Send a thank you card telling them all the ways that they have impacted your child’s learning.
  • Have your child draw or color a picture for their teacher.
  • Create a certificate of appreciation.
  • Create a video, thanking your child’s teacher and email to them.
  • Share social media posts using the hashtag #ThankATeacher

Special COVID-19 Note: Learning to navigate daily life under state and local “Stay in Place” orders has left many parents with a deeper appreciation for the teachers in their lives, teachers who have been forced, in some cases overnight, to adapt their ideas and lessons to all-online learning platforms. They are working hard to provide whatever services and supports they can to students who are missing friends and familiar routines and are struggling with fear and uncertainty (Students who relied on school meal programs might also be facing hunger). We send a special thank you to teachers everywhere for accepting, adapting, and continuing to be here for our kids through these trying times!

To all the teachers in our community, PWSA (USA) thanks you! Every day you show us we are #StrongerTogether!

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