PWSA (USA) Webinar: Essential Early Childhood Behavior Management Strategies: Good Foundations Now, Good Behaviors Tomorrow

All children do best with consistent routines and structure provided in a calm and loving environment. These ingredients are absolutely essential, however, for infants and children with PWS.
This presentation will show you how to create the necessary foundations your baby or young child with PWS needs in order to increase their overall sense of trust, decrease anxiety, and improve behavior in the years ahead. We will specifically focus on how to create Food Security beginning in infancy, how to motivate, how to discipline, the importance of responsibilities and chores, and how to respond to “typical” tantrums. We will also present strategies and techniques that help avoid “typical PWS” tantrums and meltdowns in future years.
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The webinar will be recorded and available for viewing for one week after the live event. You must register in advance to receive the link to the recording. Registration is a two-step process. First you log in to the Event Brite site to pay the nominal fee of $20 for nonmembers and $10 for members. When you receive your confirmation of payment email, there will be a link for you to register at the GoToWebinar site. YOU MUST COMPLETE BOTH STEPS!If you are using a Smartphone or Tablet to register, you will need to download the GoToWebinar app first.
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