Post a Message for Father’s Day

*In the interest of space, please note that when we use the term “Dad”, we not only refer to biological fathers, but also those male figures who are an outstanding, constant, and loving presence in your loved one’s life. And you single moms filling both roles, this is for you as well!

We know that parenting an individual with PWS can bring many challenges. The grief of watching your child struggle, the flood of concern, fear, and worry when a diagnosis is received, and the endless and fluctuating intensity of emotions that travel with parents on a PWS journey. It may be a fulfilling journey, but it is not always, nor often, an easy one.

We know what our Dads are capable of! We see the devotion, the dedication, and the love they bring to their families and this community. We’d like to give you all an opportunity to honor your Dad and share your appreciation for him to the PWS community.

PWSA | USA would like to share a photo and a special message of your Dad on our social media leading up to and on Father’s Day. Share with the world what it is that you appreciate about him. Ask your loved one for a special message about what he means to them. Let the community see how wonderful, loving, and attentive our Dads can be.

Please fill out the form below to share your message. Submissions will be accepted until June 13!

  • If you would like PWSA | USA to tag your "Dad" in the message, please type his account name on Instagram (found on the top of his profile page). For example, PWSA | USA's Instagram account name is @pwsausa

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