Ask Nurse Lynn: Long-Standing Constipation


Male, 16, UPD: 

My son has had issues with bowel movements and constipation his entire life. He spends long amounts of time in the bathroom and tells me that he feels like there was more that needed to come out, but he can’t get it out. A few times lately there has been blood on the stool. He has accidents sometimes when he passes gas and gets some tiny stool on his underwear. Should I take him to a doctor to be examined? What kind of doctor would I take him to and how do I help them to understand that this may be more serious than the usual answer to give him more Miralax. (Which seems to increase the frequency of the accidents). Thank you.

Nurse Lynn’s Response:

I have consulted with our GI expert to help answer your question. Sounds like he has long-standing constipation. Completion of a bowel cleanse followed by implementation of a daily bowel regiment with miralax and dulcolax may be helpful. Speaking with the psychologist/behavioralist regarding rectal picking/digging interventions may also be helpful. If there are other concerns present, consultation with a pediatric GI provider may be beneficial.

I have attached an article about constipation that you may find helpful.


Colorectal Function in Adults with Prader-Willi syndrome

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