National Siblings Day: Joe Gill

April 10, 2022 is National Siblings Day, a day where we take the opportunity to celebrate and recognize the amazing siblings in our PWS community. One sibling in particular is going above and beyond to raise awareness and funds for our rare disease community. Joe Gill, 22, will be running in the upcoming Boston Marathon and decided to host a fundraiser in honor of his brother, Gavin, 16, who is living with PWS, and on behalf of PWSA | USA. We asked Joe a few questions about being a sibling to an individual living with PWS and here's what he had to say:

What is your connection to Prader-Willi syndrome?

I’m connected through my younger brother Gavin who was diagnosed with PWS back in 2005 shortly after birth.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned being a sibling to an individual living with PWS?

I’d say it’s truly the small things in life that matter and to prioritize those. Everyday, Gavin is able to find joy in the smallest things and it’s often time the smallest acts that make his day. It’s something that I think we lose touch with as we get older and get caught up in the little complexities of our busy lives. But, if you spend an afternoon with Gavin, you’ll forget all about that ”big stress” in life and be amazed by just how much fun you have doing simple activities.

Is there anything you can recommend to other siblings in our PWS community?

The two most important pieces of advice I’d recommend to other siblings of PWS is first, to try to spread as much awareness as possible, and second, find what your sibling is really excited about and try to learn more about it. As of now, PWS is still not well known and that needs to change if we want to make a bigger impact. So, that starts with us spreading the word about what PWS is! I also recommend learning more about what they’re interested in because it means the world to them to share their interests and it’s a great way to bond with them!


Joe is close to raising his goal of $32,000, which will help fund PWSA | USA research initiatives. You can show your support for Joe by clicking the button below.

About Gavin's Sweet 16 Run Against PWS

When I began this special project to honor my brother Gavin just a few short months ago, it was my greatest hope to raise at least $16,000 in honor of his 16th birthday. I can’t begin to thank everyone who helped us to get there AND blew our whole family away by helping us to reach our second goal ($26,200) to reflect the 26.2 miles that make up the Boston Marathon’s length. I am so inspired by the support and so grateful for the donations, the encouragement, and the momentum of this effort. With the marathon less than one month away, I am increasing my goal to $32,000 - double my original goal. If you have already donated…. THANK YOU! If you have not, join me in raising awareness and much-needed funds in my “Race Against PWS”!


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