Interactive Map for PWS Families in the Pacific Northwest

Contributed by Vonnie Sheadel

Washington and Oregon Chapters Creating Interactive Map for PWS Families

PWSA of Oregon and Washington are in the process of developing a Google map for PWS families to find each other in the Pacific Northwest. It will be a safe, secure and easy way for families to locate others in their area. Only PWS families will be able to access the map. They can search by city and age group. Private information will not be shown. Participants can message each other through the map program and decide what personal information they want to share. They can then decide if they want to continue to communicate through other means. 

We expect to include a way to add verified PWS professionals, clinics, residential providers, etc. Participants can see them, but those businesses will not be able to access information about families. 

We hope to have it ready this Spring. 

How It Will Work 

We will send out a notice for your publication, Facebook pages, PWSA websites, email contacts, etc. Families who are interested can request a link. Once confirmed that they are a PWS family, they will get a link via email. It will take them to a short form to complete that will put themselves on the map. It will include their city, PWS age group, etc.  The map will not show their personal information. They can message other people via the map to make connections. Afterwards, they can give them their contact information if they choose to. They will be able to share whatever personal information they want to between each other outside of the map/message system.


If you live in Oregon or Washington and would like to learn more, please contact Vonnie at

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