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Ask Nurse Lynn: Weight Loss Medications


Male, 33, Deletion
How much promise would a weekly injection of Ozempic or Trulicity have on my son for weight loss?

Nurse Lynn’s Response:

Thank you for your question. From the limited research on the PWS population and the use of GLP-1 medications, they do show some success in glycemic control but do not show the same success with weight loss. Conversation with your provider about the indications for use, risks, and benefits is a must. Please remember that one of the primary mechanisms of action of GLP-1 medications is to slow down the digestion of food. We do know that many individuals with PWS have some degree of delayed stomach emptying already. We have resources available through PWSA|USA to help with meal planning, food security, and behavioral approaches.

Additional Resources:

Liraglutide for Weight Management in Children and Adolescents With Prader–Willi Syndrome and Obesity | The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism | Oxford Academic (

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