Medical graphics with title of "Temperature Abnormalities" in people with Prader-Willi Syndrome

Ask Nurse Lynn: Temperature Abnormalities


Female, 5, Deletion:
What temps would you write in an IEP for kids to stay indoors? Example below 40 and higher than 80? What wording would you recommend?

Nurse Lynn’s Response:

The degree and severity of temperature abnormalities can vary from person to person. In short, I wouldn’t write down exact temperatures. 

I would use the IEP to educate about the temperature irregularities typical in PWS because of the “flawed “hypothalamus. Ensure the school has what they need for your child, like extra mittens, hats, scarves (I live in Minnesota), cooling towels, etc., for the warmer weather. Give examples of what it may look like when your child gets overheated or too cold. Limit the amount of time outdoors during hot/humid temperatures. 

Below are two very helpful links that you can include with the IEP and give to the school staff.

Don’t forget our Tips for School Success page. It has all sorts of great things for you and the school.

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