This toolkit includes videos and resources that outline the unique educational and environmental needs of students with PWS.

This toolkit includes videos to aid in preparing your child’s IEP at every transition period, sample IEPs and supporting documentation.

Thinking about homeschooling? This toolkit is for you.  It includes a video by two veteran homeschool parents as well as several resources.

This toolkit includes videos and resources that outline the school’s legal responsibility when responding to behavioral challenges in the school district.

This toolkit includes videos that teach parents how to be effective advocates while building a positive relationship with their child’s school, sample letters to use when communicating with the school as well as templates to share information regarding your child.

This toolkit includes videos that explain special education law, IDEA and FAPE in laymen’s terms.  You can also find a copy of IDEA 2004 here.

The School Success Program was created in memory of David Wyatt who was PWSA | USA’s first Crisis Intervention and Family Support Counselor.

The School Success program, formally known as The Wyatt Special Education Advocacy Training (WSEAT) is generously funded by the PWSA | USA Willett Fund and generous grants from the RBC Foundation and the Susan A. & Donald P. Babson Charitable Foundation allowing PWSA | USA to provide these resources free to the PWS community. © Original content created and designed by Evan Farrar and Ben Karp in 2017 and updated by PWSA | USA’s Family Support staff. © Prader-Willi Syndrome Association | USA All rights reserved


The information provided in the School Success Toolkits are high level, not all inclusive, and should not be used as a
substitute for PWS training by experts in the field.