Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

Would you be where you are today, without the teachers in your life who encouraged, inspired and believed in you?  I know I would not be.  I considered being a teacher – who does not love the idea of getting out of work by three every day and having summers off? What I didn’t see was the countless hours in the evenings, weekends and yes – even during the summer, that teachers spend developing their lesson plans, researching information that will interest the student that may not be engaging and reaching out to parents and students.  I cannot be the only parent who has received an email from a teacher at 9pm or on a Saturday afternoon. Let us not forget the parents who are homeschooling their children.  Teacher appreciation week is for you too!  My hat is off to you.  Not only are you mom, or dad and doing all the many things that come with it; you have chosen the two hardest jobs in the world!

Teachers spend six hours a day with our children, they know them well and genuinely care about them.  They are sad that they did not get to say goodbye to their students. They are finding creative ways to provide the services and supports that they can right now, with little guidance, while worrying that they are not doing enough.

Here are some ideas to recognize the teachers in your life:

  • Send a thank you card telling them all the ways that they have impacted your child’s learning.
  • Have your child draw or color a picture for their teacher.
  • Create a certificate of appreciation.
  • Create a video, thanking your child’s teacher and email to them.
  • Share social media posts using the hashtag #ThankATeacher

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