What Type of Research Matters to You?

For more than 40 years, PWSA | USA has played a critical role in sponsoring and advancing research for the benefit of our PWS community. We are excited to continue this important commitment to PWS research in ways you have always relied on (organizing scientific conferences, offering grants to clinicians, etc.). We are also eager to do more to better respond to the ever-evolving needs of PWS families who have already come to rely on PWSA | USA for leadership in PWS advocacy and education. As our organization continues to invest more time and resources in research grants and fundraising, we want to ensure that our future efforts are directed by those who will benefit the most from the outcomes - you, our PWS community. 

Please take a moment to help inform our next phase of research efforts and related programming by filling out a brief five-minute survey to share your thoughts and preferences for the type(s) of research PWSA | USA should support moving forward.

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