The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is looking for Research Study Participants

Behavioral Training for Caregivers of Children with Prader-Willi Syndrome

YOU can help the Chicago School of Professional Psychology learn about the effects of a behavioral caregiver training program for caregivers of children with PWS. Participants will be compensated with a $500 Visa gift card following the completion of the study. Parents with children with multiple diagnoses can reach out to Dr. Bedard for clarification (contact information below).


  • Caregivers must be at least 18 years of age, must speak and read English, and live in the home with their child with PWS.
  • Caregivers must be able to participate in an online program with both live and recorded sessions.
  • Children must be aged two to 12, have a diagnosis of PWS,  and engage in at least one disruptive behavior. Children must have a caregiver who will also participate in the study.
  • Caregivers will participate in a 10-week caregiver training program, complete pre and post training surveys and testing, and collect child behavior data.
  • Including pre-testing and post-testing, the study will take 12-13 weeks in total and will require between 30 minutes to two hours per week.
  • The training, testing, and surveys will be done remotely using Zoom and Qualtrics.

For more information, contact Dr. Kasey Bedard at

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