Tell Your US Senator to Vote Against the Reconciliation for Prescription Drug Pricing Legislation

The Reconciliation for Prescription Drug Pricing Legislation could make it even more expensive for pharmaceutical companies to develop therapies for rare diseases!

The reconciliation for prescription drug pricing legislation is putting cures at risk for patients and their families. The measure was proposed in an effort to lower out of pocket costs for millions of Americans at the pharmacy counter, but this bill is not going to do that. Instead, this legislation helps very few seniors (somewhere between 2-3% of seniors) with drug costs, and does nothing to fix the inherent transparency issues in the drug supply chain.

This bill would essentially give PBM’s (pharmaceutical benefit managers) like CVS and Walgreens the ability to price fix prescription drugs and impose a 95% tax fee to drug companies who do not comply. These rules could ultimately result in a retraction in research and development, and have serious repercussions for orphan drug development. Drug development is already a volatile industry, and the recession has already retracted investment in research and development. The passage of this bill could leave small population rare disease patients like ours even further behind.

Please consider asking your elected official to vote against this legislation by clicking the button below.

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