Photo collage of a 6th grade girl with Prader-willi Syndrome participating in a spelling bee

Spotlight on Hope: Mira and the Bee

contributed by Kristin McKinney

My daughter, Mira, is 12 years old and in our local middle school in Colorado. She got a perfect score on a written spelling bee test at her school that allowed her to qualify to participate at the district level. She was only 1 out of 3 students in the whole middle school who qualified to go onto the next level. She was dedicated and organized in studying for the spelling bee and made about 200 flash cards of the possible words that could be used for testing. We repeatedly practiced with those cards orally in the same way we knew she’d be tested at the actual bee. At the district level, there were about 50 participants. Though she did not end up being a finalist, she did well in the district bee to maintain her calm and do her best. When she was eliminated, she was still happy that she’d made it that far. We were very proud of her too! With all of the challenges that come along with this diagnosis, it was wonderful to see her shine! She is aiming to do even better next year!

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