Spotlight on Hope: Isaac Davis

We are starting a new initiative to inspire HOPE for our PWS community! Spotlight on Hope will share stories about individuals living with PWS: stories about a recent triumph, big or small, overcoming a challenge, being recognized in their community, or anything that inspires hope or joy in their life and those around them. If you are interested in sharing, please click the button below! We will share a new Spotlight on Hope in each PWSA | USA bi-weekly Pulse.

"High school is a brand new experience. Isaac has been doing great in his classes and after careful consideration by the ROTC teachers/officers, he also joined JROTC. He loves the uniform and worked hard to pass his first promotion! We have been challenged with controlling food access in such a large, free environment since he doesn't have an aide, which has resulted in a 10 pound weight gain. However, with a lot of communication and creativity on the part of the staff, I think we're making progress. Proud of this kid."

- Kathleen Davis, Mom to Isaac (14)

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