Saniona Launches TM006 Study Website to Advance Testing Efforts for Tesomet, a Drug to Help Individuals with PWS Feel Less Hungry

Following Saniona’s announcement that the company is initiating its Phase 2b clinical trial for Tesomet, which is being studied as a treatment for hyperphagia in Prader-Willi syndrome, the company has launched a website to help advance testing efforts for the drug.

If you would like to participate in PWS research for Saniona’s TM006 study, this website is the perfect place to start. It provides details about Tesomet and how the drug works, along with a comprehensive description of what participants should expect if they participate in the TM006 study.

According to the website, participation in the TM006 study may last a little more than one year and includes the following parts:

Screening – Up to three weeks

Part 1 (Double-Blind) – 16 to 18 weeks

Part 2 (Optional Open-Label) – 38 weeks

Requirements to participate in the TM006 study include:

  • Male or female, 13 through 65 years of age
  • Diagnosed with PWS
  • Have a regular caregiver
  • If taking, must be on a stable dose of growth hormone, antidiabetic medications, and/or lipid-lowering medications
  • Must not be taking antidepressants

Participant Journey

To learn more about the trial journey and study, visit

Study Center Locations

There are three study center locations for the TM006 research study, including The Sparrow Clinical Research Institute in Lansing, Michigan, Indiana University in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Rare Disease Research, LLC in Atlanta Georgia.

Find the TM006 study center locations by clicking here or on the map below.

You can see if your loved one qualifies for the TM006 research study by taking the questionnaire HERE.

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