Our Research Statement

Many of the world’s most renowned PWS researchers and clinicians are members of PWSA | USA’s scientific and clinical advisory boards. Together they dedicate thousands of hours yearly to enhance research, write educational materials, and provide consultation; nearly all the major breakthroughs in understanding and treating PWS have come from these pioneers and heroes.  PWSA | USA has been supporting research since 1983 and remains committed to supporting future advancements and breakthroughs.

At PWSA | USA we work to integrate what we have learned about the needs of our families through our support programs — with research that we think will make an important and practical difference in the lives of those affected by PWS

Our Research Strategy

The current focus of PWSA | USA research is supporting projects that have the potential for immediate and high impact for the PWS community.  Therefore, PWSA | USA will support research-based translational grants or those showing high promise for translating basic biomedical knowledge to clinical application. The goal is to fast-track better treatment for the syndrome.


Your Gift Will Change Lives


Your donation to PWSA | USA’s Research Initiatives provides hope and opens doors to a brighter future for individuals with PWS like John, 15 (pictured). Gifts will go towards funding for research in treatment development, clinical trials, and more. Donation form coming soon.