PWS Hope United Spotlight: Kissing for a Cause

Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Tara Davis of Wilbraham, Massachusetts tied the knot this past weekend and celebrated their love by "Kissing for a Cause" during the reception! As a long-time friend of Melanie McDonald, mom to Josephine, 5, living with PWS, Tara wanted to raise money for PWSA | USA in honor of Josephine in a very special and unique way.

"The clinking of glasses to cue the couple to kiss felt a little too lacking in significance and more for entertainment value alone. By choosing such an important cause to accompany the bell, it transformed each kiss into a genuine celebration in knowing we and the people we love were doing some good as well," said Tara. "We didn’t need gifts to mark the occasion and wanted to find a way for our special day to be a blessing to others. PWSA | USA seemed like the perfect place to direct support. We invited Melanie to speak after our first dance to explain. We set up a bell that generous guests could ring throughout the evening indicating they had made a donation in the jar we provided, or that they had given online to our Hope United fundraising page. PWSA | USA provided a custom QR code that we put in our wedding program and displayed near the jar. We were happy to hear the bell ring so many times throughout our reception and felt great knowing that it meant PWSA | USA was getting support!”

Steven and Tara raised nearly $1,000 from their "Kissing for a Cause" fundraiser. We are sincerely appreciative to the newlyweds for their support and wish them all the best - Cheers to the Davis'!

If you are interested in hosting a PWS Hope United fundraiser, click HERE and email us at hopeunited@pwsa​

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