My Sister Linda

Written by June Rubin

Linda was the oldest, born in 1951 in New York City. Prader-Willi syndrome wasn’t discovered until 1956. My parents noticed Linda would go to the refrigerator often and that she was a bit short for her age.

We moved to San Diego in 1961. Linda loved playing tennis, swimming, and eating out. She especially loved family birthdays, travel, calendars, cats, dolls, doing artwork and crossword puzzles. She had a flare for fashion. She loved costume jewelry and watches - sometimes wearing five rings on one hand and, at times, at least one or two watches on her wrist.

My brother Harvey and I became her co-conservators in San Diego in 1994. At the group home where Linda lived the meals were cafeteria style, which was disastrous for her. At a height of 4’ 11”, she weighed 278 pounds and was considered “morbidly obese”. Luckily, with the help of Regional Center recommending a one-on-one roommate situation, she was able to lose 100 pounds in three years. A reasonable diet with portion control and walking were key. Linda had a charming personality, great vocabulary, and sense of humor. At times, she charmed friendly strangers to share their french fries or half a sandwich with her.

Linda delighted in her day programs at St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center in El Cajon, California. She was able to swim, work in the garden, and make beautiful art. She was so proud to wear her name tag “Linda Rubin – Artist." She loved getting a paycheck when her artwork sold.

Once a year, we had a RUBIN art show as a fundraiser for St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center at Sophie’s Gallery, that included art by our late mother Donna Rubin, photography by Harvey Rubin and artworks by Linda and me. Linda called these events “art parties."

In October 2021, just two months shy of Linda’s 70th birthday, she passed away. We will miss her adorable laugh, sense of humor, and fun-loving spirit.

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