Mattyofit’s Miami Endurance Run: 100 Miles/24 Hours

My name is Matheus Oliveira and I’m running in this year’s Miami Ultra 100 Marathon on Saturday, September 25th! I’m not just running for me….. I’m running for my sister, Ana Beatriz. Ana Beatriz is 16 and has struggled with Prader-Willi syndrome all of her life. Watching how hard she needs to work to do things that my body can do so easily is gut-wrenching. As I prepare for this high endurance challenge of running 100 miles in 24 hours, my sister’s life-long struggles have inspired me each step of the way. In the final weeks of my training and preparation, I’d like to use my visibility in the fitness world and coaching industry to raise awareness and much needed funds to ensure that individuals with PWS and their families can have the support and resources they need.

Any donation counts and is very appreciated! A donation of $100 or more (just $1/mile!) and Matty will personally hook you up with a free month of online coaching!