LEVO Therapeutics to Close PWS Drug Trial, Phase III Carbetocin

Yesterday afternoon, PWSA | USA learned in a conversation with LEVO Therapeutics that the company has made the decision to close their Phase III Carbetocin study. LEVO shared they are in the process of potentially being acquired. If this happens, the new company will ultimately make the decision about how and when the next study will be conducted.  There is no additional information about who the potential acquiring company is at this time.

LEVO wanted to express their deepest gratitude to the PWS community. They appreciate the parents, individuals with PWS, and the advocacy organizations for the support through their study.

Families currently "on drug" will be asked to have one last dose on an upcoming given date and will be asked to return all used and unused vials back for final reconciliation.

PWSA | USA will continue to share more information as it becomes available. We understand this is a difficult time for families, but PWSA | USA remains dedicated to supporting you and your loved ones. Together, we are united in HOPE!

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