Map of States the recognize PWS as a Developmental Disability

Joint Legislation Filed to have PWS Recognized as a Developmental Disability in Ohio

PWSA | USA is excited to announce that thanks to the dedication and hard work of our Advocacy Ambassador, Dr. Erin Carter-Cooper, PhD, Ohio Representative Rose Sweeney (D - District 16) and Representative Gayle Mannin (R – District 52) have jointly filed legislation that will make Prader-Willi syndrome a recognized developmental disability in the State of Ohio!

House Bill 337 was introduced earlier this month and has already garnered support from both sides of the aisle. With 11 co-sponsors already signed on, this is the 2nd state this year that has introduced legislation to support our PWS community. Advocates like Erin are making a difference and moving the needle throughout the country.

Read the full House Bill 337 language and follow the bill's approval process at If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved, please email Dorothea at for more information.

Watch the video below to hear from Erin as she explains the first steps she took to get PWS added to Ohio's list of developmental disabilities.

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