Helping Your Child Succeed in School: Thoughts from a Young Man With PWS

As a parent of a child who has Prader-Willi syndrome, you might wonder what tools and resources your child might find helpful. Here, Spencer Ginyard, a young man with PWS who recently graduated from college, shares a few tips:

  • Smart Pen: Be sure to purchase the package that has the pouch, ink, headphones, and software adapter that hooks into your child’s computer or lap top. Also purchase the special notebook that has  smart pen appliances inside it. (Learn more here.) 
  • Tape Recorder
  • Work with a speech therapist if necessary
  • Look for a school for your child that has a Special Education program. Make sure the school has a teacher’s aide in the program as well.
  • Special Aide/Tutor
  • Talk to PWSA | USA  for help in providing the safest environment for your child so they won’t be able to sneak food.
  • Ask PWSA | USA to educate your local school district and create a plan with the school so your child doesn’t have any temptations or put themselves in a position of overeating.
  • Ask teachers if they could stay after hours or make arrangements to help your child on the things that he or she didn’t understand in the class lessons.

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