Help Rare Disease Research Efforts by Sharing Blood, Urine Samples with PWS-COMBINEDBrain Biorepository

We are sharing details on behalf of The Foundation for Prader-Willi Research (FPWR) to spread the word about an upcoming and important PWS research opportunity. FPWR is collaborating with COMBINEDBrain to establish a biorepository dedicated to blood and urine samples. This initiative aims to expedite the development of treatments for individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome, as well as other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Biorepositories hold immense significance in the realm of rare disease research by serving as centralized hubs for the collection, preservation, and distribution of various samples such as tissues, blood, and cells derived from individuals. The samples procured for the PWS-COMBINEDBrain Biorepository will be accessible to researchers globally. This accessibility will facilitate endeavors related to identifying biomarkers and conducting molecular investigations. Furthermore, this effort guarantees the sustained availability of these scarce disease samples for prospective research initiatives.

FPWR will work to gather these samples in partnership with the COMBINEDBrain group. Throughout the remainder of 2023, they will be assembling specimens at various ROADSHOW conferences and gatherings nationwide. If you're interested, you have the opportunity to connect with the team during their ROADSHOW events in your vicinity and contribute a specimen that will be stored in the PWS-COMBINEDBrain Biorepository. You can find more details and ROADSHOW locations below.

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