Grandma Lee: A Poem by Spencer Ginyard

This poem was submitted by Spencer Ginyard, a young man who has Prader-Willi syndrome. Spencer recently graduated from Cal State University, San Bernardino where he received a bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing. He is an honors recipient from Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society.


To my Great Grandma, Grandma Lee

suffering! moaning! Can hardly breathe

fighting against a torture miserable cancer

called Alzheimer’s Disease


Lee in her nursing home all alone

living life but has a painful slowly death

can’t even remember her name

on top of her lungs

screaming! screaming! screaming!

yelling! yelling! yelling!

to her nurses

what’s my name!

tell me! tell me! tell me!


Lee’s nurses are too busy to where lee is being ignored

lee is getting furiated, frustrated, annoyed all at once

yelling on top of her lungs

can someone tell me what my name is!

demanding to any nurse that is coming by or any nurse that is watching over her

still getting ignored so Lee can’t take it anymore

to where her brain exploded just like a bomb that had just gone off

out of nowhere you heard this aftershock noise of her brain deteriorating

boom! boom! boom! like a timer has gone off


soon after a while Lee just calms down but forgets about

Lee is just calling it quits because she feels that she is

invisible so she is feeling lonely but just doing her own thing


family is visiting lee at her nursing home

she is repeating to everyone who are you people

get out! get out! get out!

you are strangers to me leave me alone

go away! go away! go away!


she does not even take a moment to see that we are family trying to be there for her

she is just gone Lee can’t remember anything anymore


that was the very last time that I saw her

until one day she vanished out of nowhere

passed away didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye

then my heart started to drop

then I was crying non-stop

to where tears were building up like a big puddle of water

just had a moment of silence

moved on like nothing happened


Contributed by Spencer Ginyard.

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