Enjoy Summer with this List of Fun Activities!

Summer vacation has begun for many students throughout the country.  Parents and caregivers are challenged with taking advantage of warmer weather and more daylight while still maintaining the level of structure and routine their loved one with Prader-Willi syndrome needs.  For some people, coming up with fun activities is a stressor. PWSA | USA has compiled a list of activities that you can pick from this summer!

Play hide and go seek

Take swimming lessons

Take pictures of your activities and create a photo album

Tie-dye t-shirts

Plant flowers or vegetables

Dig for worms or rocks

Color the driveway or sidewalk with chalk

Finger paint

Check out your local library

Write a story together (length doesn’t matter)

Pick a favorite book, read it and then dress up as the characters

Go on a scavenger hunt

Catch fireflies

Go on a hike

Pick some flowers and give to a neighbor

Make a craft

Go to a petting farm or petting zoo

Go to every playground in your city

Visit a local museum

Go on a train ride

Visit your local farmer’s market

Go to the beach


Look for shapes in the clouds

Develop a family tradition

Play follow the leader

Interview other family members and then write a story about them

Play freeze tag

Sprinkler fun

Play with sensory items, such as play dough, silly putty, or shaving cream

Go camping in the back yard

Build a fire and tell ghost stories

Have a dance party

Visit a water park

Play with bubbles

Have lunch or dinner outside under a tree

Go on a bike ride

Make and fly a kite

Water balloon baseball

Water gun fight

Build a bird house

Visit a local wildlife habitat

Watch a new movie each week

Make a time capsule

Play cards

Go to a minor league baseball game

Visit a historical site

Challenge your brain by learning something new

Try a new science experiment each week

Go fishing

Build an obstacle course in your backyard

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