Ask Nurse Lynn: G-Tubes for Infants


Female, 5 months, Deletion

Have you seen an increase in infants being denied a G-tube? Our pediatrician recommended us for one after we’ve had a lot of trouble with the NG tube and put in the referral, but the surgeon said there’s a new study showing a 37% risk of complications and denied us getting one for our daughter. We were told to tough it out with the NG tube.

Nurse Lynn’s Response:

Hello and thank you for your question, I have attached a link to that recently published article. The article had a total of 346 participants and goes on to say that most individuals have their g-tube removed by the age of 2 years. The severe complication rate from G-tubes was about 25 times higher than from NG tubes. G-Tube placement puts our individuals at risk for anesthesia and surgery related complications. Every case is unique and should carefully weigh the pros and cons. There are some insurance companies that will pay for a home nurse to come in to assist with NG tube management. I’m not sure what type of complications your daughter has had with the NG tube but perhaps there are other possible supports that the hospital and insurance could offer.


Feeding Tube Use and Complications article

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