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Ask Nurse Lynn: Anxiety and SSRIs


Female, 18, deletion, Arkansas:

She has diabetes, one kidney does 25%, now even more increased anxiety.

The first time we are trying anything for anxiety.

The Dr is giving her Lexapro- the generic.

Is there a certain one recommended? Also, is there a buildup or psychosis danger?

Nurse Lynn’s Response:

Thank you for your question. Mental health can be very challenging and complex for those with PWS and the people who support them. It is important that your psychiatrist has familiarized themselves with PWS. Prior to starting any medication, it is important that you identify anything that could be contributing to her increased anxiety. In some situations, making environmental changes and having behavior plans in place can help. Another thing that can be helpful is making sure that she can identify when she is feeling anxious and how to utilize her coping skills. Define the goals for the medication and keep track of those “behaviors” that you are looking to target. This will be helpful to know if the medication is working for her. Lexapro is an SSRI and is metabolized primarily by the liver. The key is to start at a very low dose. “start low and go slow”. SSRI’s can activate the mood, which is a hyperarousal event characterized by impulsivity, restlessness and/or insomnia. Generic drugs have the same active ingredients as the brand. Many times, the insurance company dictates if a brand or generic form will be covered.

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