New Webinar DVD and Publication

Must-Have’s For Every PWS Family!

Below are two wonderful resources PWSA (USA) is offering to our amazing community. Learn more about them below.


Essential Early Childhood Behavior Management Strategies
Three weeks ago, Lisa Graziano, MA, LMFT, presented a webinar entitled, Essential Early Childhood Behavior Management Strategies. Parents found it very helpful in understanding behavior strategies that work, and don’t work, for our children. Many have asked to have this presentation available for future reference, to share with families, and to share with educators. One parent spoke to her child’s school, and they will be using the webinar as an in-service training for their staff.

As one parent stated: “Just wanted to let you know that the webinar was amazing. I’ve heard a lot of this behavior information before but the way Lisa explained it was better. (Or maybe the 5th time was the charm?!) She had the right speed for me and maybe because she was a parent who used it, it made more sense or I believed it more or something?! I don’t know. But it was really good. This should be sent to every new family. ”


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Transition Planning and Resource Guide
Transitioning into the adult world can be frustrating, intimidating, and overwhelming for both the person with PWS and their families. That’s why it’s important for parents and their children to begin transition planning when children reach 14-16 years of age. PWSA (USA) is now offering an updated publication on this topic. It was developed especially for parents and guardians of young adults with PWS.

This 104-page booklet will help you answer questions about a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: Vocational evaluation and transition from school to work for the students with PWS, Residential living options/considerations and services, Transportation issues, Important legal and financial issues, Personal health education, Transitioning to the adult health care system, Educating health care professionals, and Health insurance coverage.


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