Calling All PWS Community Members: Sign the FDA Petition

Attention everyone in the Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) community and beyond! We need your support NOW!

We are rallying behind a critical petition urging the FDA to take action on DCCR (diazoxide choline) for individuals living with PWS. Soleno Therapeutics’ investigational drug has shown remarkable promise in improving hyperphagia, reducing fat mass, and addressing challenging PWS-associated behaviors in clinical trials.

Why is this so urgent? Because PWS patients, families, and clinicians are facing a staggering lack of treatment options. Without FDA-approved therapies, individuals with PWS struggle with everyday tasks and face life-threatening risks. But DCCR could change that.

The data speaks volumes: DCCR has demonstrated significant improvements in hyperphagia and other PWS-related symptoms. Patients and caregivers have reported life-changing experiences, from regained control over eating habits to newfound independence in daily activities.

Now is the time to make our voices heard! We urge the FDA to prioritize the review of DCCR’s New Drug Application, recognizing the urgent need within the PWS community. Every signature counts in pushing this petition forward.

Join us in advocating for access to DCCR, a potential game-changer for those living with PWS. Sign the petition and spread the word to make a difference today!

Learn more and sign the petition by clicking the button below. We also encourage you to watch the recording of our April 25th PWS Advocacy webinar, which can be found by scrolling below.

PWS Community Advocacy Webinar

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