CompassPWS by Acadia website for a Prader-Willi Syndrome Clinical Trial

Acadia Pharmaceuticals Unveils New COMPASS PWS Study Website

This new website gives in-depth details about Acadia Pharmaceuticals COMPASS PWS Study, including a brief video about the study, eligibility for participation in the study, what to expect at study visits, and a research site locator. Click the button below to enter the website.


The COMPASS PWS study aims to investigate a new treatment for individuals with Prader-Willi syndrome who experience excessive appetite (hyperphagia). Approximately 170 families from various locations worldwide will participate in this research.

The study focuses on evaluating carbetocin nasal spray, also known as ACP-101. Carbetocin has a higher affinity for oxytocin receptors compared to oxytocin, a hormone naturally found in the body. During the study, participants will inhale carbetocin nasal spray or a placebo through their nose three times daily.

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