Positive behavioral support is an essential tool for all caregivers of a person with Prader-Wili syndrome. It is best to implement positive behavioral strategies early in a child’s life – even before behavioral challenges emerge. It is an important proactive and preventative step to become familiar with and implement positive behavioral strategies.

A positive behavioral strategy can help:

  • Decrease tantrums.
  • Diminish perseverative and OCD like behaviors.
  • Increase cooperation and effective transitions through activities and portion of the day.


A positive behavioral support strategy uses a person’s strengths and interests to help motivate them to achieve non-preferred goals and activities. It is a way to do some behavioral problem solving in a fun, creative, and effective way.

It is also important to pay attention to the link behind good behavior and appropriate food management at home and in other settings.


Here are some great behavioral resources for you:

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