Positive behavioral support is an essential tool for all caregivers of a person with Prader-Wili syndrome. It is best to implement positive behavioral strategies early in a child’s life – even before behavioral challenges emerge. It is an important proactive and preventative step to become familiar with and implement positive behavioral strategies.

A positive behavioral strategy can help:

  • Decrease tantrums.
  • Diminish perseverative and OCD like behaviors.
  • Increase cooperation and effective transitions through activities and portion of the day.


A positive behavioral support strategy uses a person’s strengths and interests to help motivate them to achieve non-preferred goals and activities. It is a way to do some behavioral problem solving in a fun, creative, and effective way.

It is also important to pay attention to the link behind good behavior and appropriate food management at home and in other settings. A helpful resource to order is the dvd Food, Behavior and Beyond which gives a comprehensive overview of Prader-Willi syndrome and effective behavioral strategies.


Here are some great behavioral resources for you:

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