New Oxytocin Phase 2 Study Match Announced!

Thank you to our PWS community for responding to the challenge match announced by Prader-Willi California Foundation (PWCF). Donors responded by the October 30th deadline to activate the $10,000 match and the release of an additional $10,000 match to be provided at a later date by PWCF. We have raised $385,000 for this study that has so much potential for our community.
The PWSA (USA) New Jersey Chapter has now issued a new $10,000 match to keep this wonderful momentum going. The New Jersey Chapter will donate $10,000 if we can raise $10,000 in new donations by midnight on November 12th 2015.
Thank you to New Jersey for providing this new challenge grant. Come on, let’s raise $10,000 in the next 10 days to activate the $10,000 challenge grant from PWSA (USA) New Jersey Chapter.

Click on the link to donate today!

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