Exciting New $10,000 Match for Oxytocin

In honor of PWS Awareness Month in May, the Prader-Willi California Foundation has initiated another challenge to raise funds to support the Oxytocin Phase 2 Study! Help us raise just $10,000 and PWCF will match it with another $10,000! That’s $20,000 more to ensure the Oxytocin Phase 2 Study progresses!

We are grateful to PWCF for their generosity and leadership as we enter the final stages of fundraising for this very important study that will begin in 2016.

Hurry, as this match is only good until midnight, on May 31.

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The following quotes were put together by one of our Dad’s after speaking with families whose children participated in the Phase 1 Study this year. The quotes really help to emphasize why Drs. Miller and Driscoll, along with PWSA (USA) are fast tracking the Phase 2 Study.

Top 10 quotes from parents whose children participated in the Oxytocin Trial

You’ve heard from medical researchers around the world, as well as the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (USA) about the extraordinary benefits of Oxytocin therapy for people with Prader-Willi syndrome.

Now hear it straight from the parents. The following improved quality of life benefits were noted by parents whose children participated in the Phase 1 Oxytocin Study conducted in 2015.

1. “Oxytocin unlocked my daughter’s brain.”
2. “With Oxytocin, the repetitive questions stopped.”
3. “The anxiety and worry were gone while she was taking Oxytocin.”
4. “My child was suddenly present, her eye contact was better.”
5. “This medicine has changed the way I interact with my child.”
6. “His social interactions improved dramatically.”
7. “For the first time in as long as I can remember, she skipped her morning snack.”
8. “She skipped her morning snack EVERY DAY that she received the medicine.”
9. “At a barbecue, my child chose to play with other kids instead of eat.”
10. “What would usually take 3 or 4 requests, were now done promptly.”
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