PWS Awareness Month Week 2 Mini Blog – Oppositional Behavior

Individuals with Prader-Willi syndrome often demonstrate oppositional behavior, another challenge for parents and caregivers. Tips for managing oppositional behavior include: Avoid yes and no questions. Instead, offer limited choices. Rather than asking, “Do you want to wear your red coat,” try offering two choices: “Do you want to wear your red or blue coat?” It […]

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Perseverating, or getting stuck on a topic or task, or repeating the same question or phrase over and over again, is common in Prader-Willi syndrome. Often, the repetitive behavior is provoked by anxiety as the repetition provides a level of comfort to an individual with PWS. Unfortunately, perseverating can be exhausting for parents and caregivers. Here […]

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Telling the Story of Students with PWS School Data = Understanding

In March 2016, PWSA (USA) launched a groundbreaking new survey to capture, for the first time ever, the school experience of students with PWS across the United States.  This survey is for parents/guardians of children with PWS currently in school and those who graduated in the past. The School Experience Survey will help us gather […]

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