Have you been looking for an easy way to raise awareness and funds to support PWSA | USA in your workplace, school or community group?

Wear jeans for rare genes ALL YEAR LONG! YOU can help PWSA | USA provide care for families in our community by simply wearing your jeans and donating a few dollars. Pick a date to host a "Wear Jeans for Rare Genes" fundraiser with your employer, your child’s school, church fellowship, etc. to help raise money for PWSA | USA!

Hosting a Wear Jeans for Rare Jeans fundraiser is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Pick a Day and let us know! Work with your location to select a date and make it a day to “Wear Jeans for Rare Jeans”- If you usually dress up, wear a uniform, or your “Sunday best” encourage people to wear jeans on this special day. Make it a fun and special occasion! Email us at events@pwsausa.org to let us know when you will be participating!
  2. Ask participants to donate ($1, $5, $10, or whatever is comfortable) for the opportunity to participate. Consider a friendly competition between classrooms, grades, office departments or locations! Each dollar collected will help PWS families living with this rare genetic disorder get the specialized support they need to help their loved ones thrive!
  3. Celebrate and share your success! Take a photo and email it to events@pwsausa.org letting us know how much you raised so that we can celebrate your efforts and use your success to inspire others! Checks can be mailed to: PWSA | USA, 8588 Potter Park Drive, Suite 500, Sarasota, FL 34238 or the accumulated gift can be made online here: https://www.pwsausa.org/get-involved/donate/

THANK YOU for helping us bringing attention and awareness to PWSA | USA and our rare disease community. All donations collected will help advance research to treat individuals with PWS.

If you need any additional support to make your day a success, please reach out at events@pwsausa.org and we’ll be happy to help!