PWSA | USA’s 2023 Moms’ Retreat was a big success thanks to the moms and caregivers who joined this first-ever event, our facilitator Jessica Patay, and incredible staff who worked to make it happen. Scroll below to see pictures from the retreat and quotes from those who attended.

Special thanks to Harmony Biosciences, the James Hervey Johnson Charitable Educational Trust, and Pfizer for sponsoring this important event for our community.

"I loved every part of this trip. I have memories that will last the rest of my life."

"I now have a village of people that understand me and I can call my friends."

"The highlight of my experience was relaxing and connecting with so many amazing moms who are going through the same thing - I just loved it all."

"Jessica's talk was on point & spoke to me right where I am right now. Allowing myself to lean into intentiality is priceless. Also there was a great balance between learning and free time."

"The highlight of my experience was all the stories and laughter, so many memories that I will hold near to my heart."

"Getting to be in the company of other moms that understand the daily struggles and adventures was my highlight."

"Please, please continue to do events like this - they are so needed and appreciated. Staff was absolutely incredible and I had such a great time. Thank you"

"Just being with women who understand me, and not having to explain a backstory or talk about the disease. We were able to focus on meaningful connections."

We were thrilled to have Jessica Patay serve as our Moms’ Retreat facilitator throughout the weekend. Jessica lead several sessions that offered rest and relaxation, resources and tips for wellness, and opportunities to strengthen and motivate attendees. 

About Jessica

Jessica Patay is the founder and executive director of We Are Brave Together (WABT), a 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization that supports caregiving moms with children of all types of disabilities and neuro-diverse diagnoses. In addition, she is a sought-out speaker, podcast guest, writer and retreat coordinator, fundraiser, mother of three, social influencer, and a champion of self-care practices and their positive affect on motherhood. Jessica excels at creating and supporting communities of caregiving moms and she is a visionary for the disability community world-wide.

Jessica’s mission is to combat the isolation and burnout that these moms and their families face by creating supportive, resourceful and empowering communities and meaningful connections. Her vision is that every family in the disability community is strengthened, equipped, and inspired for their unique journey. This vision has fueled WABT’s growth in 6 years into an international community of over 2,200 moms, representing all 50 states and 24 countries. Jessica has helped launch dozens of support groups throughout the U.S., New Zealand and Australia. In order to extend her outreach, Jessica hosts a podcast, “Brave Together with Jessica Patay,” which offers a library of inspirational stories and resources for the disability community

We will share future Caregiver Retreat opportunities as they become available!

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