Exercise provides a natural endorphin rush and stress release. Exercise is important for everyone, including your loved ones with PWS. Make it a family activity - ride bikes together, play tag in the backyard, go for a walk or run. If exercise is not your thing, just moving your body will help - roller skate, swim, dance - the options are endless. Click here or on the image above to find helpful resources on exercise.

Taking time every day to channel your inner peace and refill your cup will give you the energy to enjoy the rest of your day with the utmost happiness and supportiveness for others. Only by having your own mental clarity, free of self-stress and self-inflicted worries, will you be able to show up to the rest of your life the way you want to. Click here or on the image above to find helpful resources on Mindfulness & Meditation.

Eating healthy, nutritious foods are essential for not only your children but for you as well. Include a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats throughout the day to help nourish your cells with what they need to help you perform. Having a balance of these three nutrients is what we call the "energy trifecta" - it helps keep blood sugar levels more stable and helps you feel more energized throughout the day. Click here or on the image above to find helpful resources on nutrition.

Whether you’re striving to eat healthier, exercise more, manage stress or boost your wellness overall, staying motivated is crucial. The more motivated you are, the more successful you’ll be at reaching your goals and maintaining your results long-term. Even modest efforts can go a long way toward keeping your enthusiasm and determination going strong. Click here or on the image above to find helpful resources on Motivation & Coaching.

Wellness Tips from our PWS Caregiver Community

Motivation & Coaching

Therapy, exercise, family support, positive thinking, one day at a time, focus on 1-2 years goals to avoid worry about unknown future.

- Angela, PWS Parent

Mindfulness & Meditation

Do what you love! Make a list of things that bring you joy and schedule time to participate in them - weekly or monthly.

- Anonymous

Mindfulness & Meditation

Take 15 minutes a day for yourself. It doesn't matter how you spend those 15 minutes if it is meaningful to you. Take a bath or have a cup of coffee alone before anyone else wakes up.

- Anonymous


Movement! I am a Peloton user and rely on cycling classes, yoga, meditation, and strength training to help keep my focus on my personal wellbeing. There are so many options available on YouTube as well (as a yoga teacher, I love Yoga by Adriene on YouTube and have recommended her for years).

- Valerie Selinger, PWS Parent