Parents and caregivers are often called on to advocate for family members with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS). The good news is advocacy skills can be learned. Remember, advocacy at its best, means to effectively persuade. We have posted some resources in the “Links and Resources” section to help you become a more effective advocate for your loved one with PWS.

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PWSA (USA) Public Policy Stance

As a non-profit 501C3 organization, PWSA (USA) may conduct educational meetings, prepare and distribute educational materials, or otherwise consider public policy issues in an educational manner to empower those affected with PWS to enjoy a productive life in an informed and accepting community.

PWSA (USA) advocacy includes educating policymakers and the public about PWS; these advocacy efforts will not intervene in a political campaign of any candidate for public office or engage in partisan activity of any kind.

The use of the PWSA (USA) name and acronym may only be used in communicating our mission and vision. Use of the PWSA (USA) name or acronym with political messages or other communications that are not directly tied to the official views of PWSA (USA) is not allowed.