2019 PWSA (USA) National Convention

October 23rd– 26th, 2019    |       Caribe Royale, Orlando, Florida


Medical & Scientific Conference – October 23rd & 24th

During this two-day event, Scientists, Researchers, and Medical professionals from different disciplines share ideas and report on progress, helping to meet the ever-present goal to support research that will identify effective treatment, and improve the quality of life for individuals diagnosed with PWS. 

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Professional Providers Conference – October 24th

Educational, Social Services, and Residential professional providers come together to discuss identified and supported best practice and standard of care approaches, as well as to provide a critical in-person, solution-orientated exchange of ideas for specific concerns that can be addressed by experts in the field. 

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General Conference – October 25th 26th 

This two-day event attracts parents, grandparents, caregivers, and professionals. The attendees are skillfully guided through a choice of multiple learning tracks covering an array of topics that can be tailored to their individual preferences. It is a time to build relationships with other families, attend counseling sessions and support groups, meet with top specialists and authorities on PWS, and just have fun. Experts in the field provide attendees with up-to-date information and resources for addressing the very complex needs of supporting and caring for an individual diagnosed with PWS. 

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Additional Meetings/Programs

Chapter Leaders Meeting – October 23rd & 24th

This is a special two-day event for the leadership of the organization’s network of chapters. Attendees receive training and updates on current national developments and projects, share information about their chapter’s activities, work collaboratively to address challenges, provide support to each other and set direction to maintain and improve upon the level of service offered by chapters and the national headquarters. 


New Parent Mentor Meeting – October 24th

This is an opportunity for our mentors to collaborate on information and support systems available for the families and individuals to whom they provide ongoing support and guidance. Attendees receive training and updates on current national developments, work collaboratively to address challenges, provide support to each other and set direction to maintain and improve upon the level of service offered by the mentoring group.


Youth & Infant Program

0 – 1yr old 

While it is hard for our young families to feel comfortable with having their infant too far from their sight, this warm, nurturing nursery allows parents the opportunity to gain support and valuable education needed for raising their precious little one. The nursery is staffed with individuals who are caring in addressing their specific needs, all within a short distance from their loving parents. 

2 – 6yrs old 

Little ones with PWS, or young siblings of those with PWS, just want to have fun, laugh and explore, and this two-day program was developed with that particular goal in mind. Arts, crafts, story telling, puppets, music, magic and more will light up their faces as they participate in structured play and staff-guided activities. 


Youth & Adult Program

Filled to capacity each year, children and adults diagnosed with PWS, ages 7+, are involved in an innovative structured program, carefully designed to meet their unique medical, physical, and emotional needs. This program is a wonderful opportunity for friendships to develop, fun to be had, and to be a part of a peer group that truly understands one another. The individuals are divided into eight groups based on age and are supported by highly trained and experienced staff members who understand their unique challenges. For two days, they are motivated, praised and encouraged to try new activities all within a safe and therapeutic environment. 


Sibling Program

While their brothers or sisters are busy in YIP or YAP, this program was developed to enhance their individuality and reinforce their sense of importance. For most kiddos whose brother or sister has PWS, their home life revolves around the complexities of their sibling’s environmental and care needs. This program allows them to have fun, meet and develop relationships with others who are in similar situations, explore new possibilities and share experiences with one another. 


Welcome Reception – October 24th (6pm – 9pm)

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