How Your Support Helps PWS Families

A Family’s Story

For 19 years, the Angel Drive had provided critical funding to help thousands of PWS families. Please see one family’s story below. We are “Saving and Transforming Lives”.

Hi! Our child’s school study team made our son’s eligibility for special education and services appear as if he qualified for a coveted position. Not having a clue about special education laws and assuming they had our son’s best interest in mind, we went against our gut instinct and agreed to have him placed in a self-contained program.

We felt helpless as his skills regressed and he gained inappropriate ones as a result of the self-containment. When a health scare of him vomiting due to the high temperature of the classroom occurred, it forced us to learn everything we could about the law in order to protect and advocate for our son. We learned that our district made multiple violations. We prepared everything for our IEP meeting – evaluations, supporting articles, copy of IDEA, etc., proving that he did not receive “Free Appropriate Public Education” (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment. When we told them he couldn’t attend their other program that would provide FAPE due to a PWS symptom, they told us to provide proof in writing.

“I was amazed at how easily the “individualized” part of our son’s education was disregarded and that we had to provide proof for the district to follow the law. I emailed Evan Farrar in despair and he put me in contact with PWSA (USA) Special Education Consultant, Jennifer Bolander. She immediately understood our needs and provided all the documents we needed to obtain our son an appropriate placement. She even participated in our IEP meeting and provided invaluable information and guidance for the whole team.

Special education is a hard road to navigate in general, and having a rare condition such as PWS makes it harder. We are extremely lucky and grateful that a support system from PWSA (USA) is available to help our son and allows us to advocate for him in the most effective way.


A PWS Family

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