Introducing PWSA (USA)’s Phone App!

We are proud to announce our free PWSA (USA) phone app is now live and available on all mobile devices!

In today’s world, the way we communicate and learn is through our mobile devices. We search, read, send emails, play and even work while using these devices. It has become a part of us. This mobile app will be a valuable tool to facilitate our goal of Saving and Transforming the lives of the families that we serve. Specifically, this application will provide immediate and seamless access to information and resources from PWSA (USA)’s main website. Our app also sends notifications to your phone on topics you can choose. Get up-to-date information concerning research, medical, crisis/family support or fundraising news. You can also renew or sign-up to be a PWSA (USA) member through our app.

Since 1975, PWSA (USA) has helped PWS families by providing family support, crisis, and medical intervention services to our community. In 2015, we provided assistance to over 2,000 families and individuals including caregivers, school personnel, clinicians and researchers. Our phone app is a valuable supplement to the many services we provide!

To download the app, go to your app store on your mobile device and search for PWSA or you can click on the appropriate links below for your mobile device.


Google Play:

We would like to thank the Settles family for their generous funding for the app development in memory of Patrick Settles.

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