Book Now Available through PWSA (USA)

Prader-Willi Syndrome : How Parents and Professionals Struggled and Coped and Made Genetic History By: John Hernandez-Storr Now available through PWSA (USA) — this amazing 256 page book gives never-before-told historical facts on the evolution of the medical world working to understand Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) entwined with intimate, personal stories of the original PWSA (USA) pioneers. […]

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PWSA (USA) Webinar: Essential Early Childhood Behavior Management Strategies: Good Foundations Now, Good Behaviors Tomorrow

All children do best with consistent routines and structure provided in a calm and loving environment. These ingredients are absolutely essential, however, for infants and children with PWS. This presentation will show you how to create the necessary foundations your baby or young child with PWS needs in order to increase their overall sense of […]

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Telling the Story of Students with PWS School Data = Understanding

In March 2016, PWSA (USA) launched a groundbreaking new survey to capture, for the first time ever, the school experience of students with PWS across the United States.  This survey is for parents/guardians of children with PWS currently in school and those who graduated in the past. The School Experience Survey will help us gather […]

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Only 3 More Days Left – A Gift from Us

Now through April 6th, when you renew or join as a member of PWSA (USA) you will receive a complimentary copy of our recently updated “Medical Alert Booklet.” This important medical guide is our way of thanking you for your membership support of PWSA (USA). In addition to the free booklet our members receive these […]

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