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The Children’s Institute

There are times when a person with PWS develops behavioral or health problems that are simply too difficult to handle at home or in a residential program. When this happens, one option is to pursue treatment at the Children’s Institute in Pittsburgh. The Children’s Institute is the only in-patient treatment program for children and adults with PWS in the United States. Using a comprehensive medical team approach, the Children’s Institute addresses, generally over a 30-60 day period, the behavioral and medical needs of the person and works with the family or caregiver to establish a plan for follow up when returning home. If you would like to learn more about the Children Institute’s program, visit  and call or e-mail us for intake contact information.  

Two Common Obstacles to Treatment at the Children’s Institute: 

1.     It can be especially challenging to obtain funding for treatment at the Children’s Institute. If your loved one is being denied funding for treatment by Medicaid or a private insurance company let us know and we can provide a support letter on your behalf.

2.     Traveling to the Children’s Institute can be expensive.  If you are unable to afford transportation, please contact some of the free medical transportation programs listed in our “Links and Resources” section.  If none are able to help, let us know. We will work with you to find the resources to cover the transportation costs.  

Our son who is 13 went to the Children’s Institute in Pittsburgh weighing 343 pounds and totally out of control.  As of today he is 238 pounds and a model of diet and exercise.  The change in him is amazing.  His goal is 150 and he is determined to do it.  We take each day one at a time and pray he sticks with it.  What they taught and instilled in him in Pittsburgh in 10 weeks saved his life.” – A parent of a child with PWS

Red-Yellow-Green Weight Control System booklet from TCI [Click here]

Links and Resources [Click here]

Free Medical Transportation




  edited: 02/09/2012

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