At times children with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) face challenges in the school environment. Whether it is monitoring food, managing transitions, or creating an effective relationship with school professional, ensuring an appropriate and effective learning environment is an essential part of parenting a child with PWS. Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (USA) is available to partner with you as you navigate the special education process. Our Family Support Counselors can:

  • Provide you and school professionals with resources (printed and video) to help explain the needs of a student with PWS including) our DVD for Educators, the Educator Packet (for school professionals) and the School Portfolio (for parents).
  • Offer strategies for resolving behavioral challenges and other issues of concern in school and classroom settings.
  • Review and make suggestions for appropriate IEPs for students with PWS.
  • Communicate directly with teachers and other school professionals who have questions about PWS.
  • Participate, often by phone, in IEP and other problem solving meetings to explain the needs of students with PWS.
  • Offer more intensive school support, when needed, through the work of PWSA (USA) national educational consultants whose services are paid for by the PWSA (USA) Crisis Intervention Fund.
  • Share strategies and suggestions for building an effective partnership with IEP team members and other school professionals.
  • Share up to date information about supporting students with PWS through the e-letter “School times”.


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