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PWSA (USA) Scientific & Clinical Advisory Board Publications

As most of you know, we have some very accomplished members of our PWSA (USA) Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) – so accomplished that it is sometimes hard to keep up with their achievements!  I am proud to announce some of their recent publications:   

From the chairperson of our Scientific Advisory Board, Dr Merlin Butler:  “The March 1 American Journal of Medical Genetics issue which is dedicated to PWS  includes 11 articles, the 2005 scientific PWSA abstracts and a review of the management textbook. All but one article is written by members of the SAB or CAB.”  (I personally know that much of this is thanks to Dr. Butler’s efforts.)  They are the following:   

Volume 143A, Issue 5, Pages 413-520 (1 March 2007)
Invited Comments
-- Introductory comments - Special section: Prader-Willi syndrome (p 413-414) John C. Carey

Plasma obestatin and ghrelin levels in subjects with Prader-Willi syndrome (p 415-421) Merlin G. Butler, Douglas C. Bittel

Whole genome microarray analysis of gene expression in an imprinting center deletion mouse model of Prader-Willi syndrome (p 422-429)
Douglas C. Bittel, Nataliya Kibiryeva, Steven G. McNulty, Daniel J. Driscoll, Merlin G. Butler, Robert A. White

Whole genome microarray analysis of gene expression in Prader-Willi syndrome (p 430-442) Douglas C. Bittel, Nataliya Kibiryeva, Susan M. Sell, Theresa V. Strong, Merlin G. Butler

Two years of growth hormone therapy in young children with Prader-Willi syndrome: Physical and neurodevelopmental benefits (p 443-448)
Susan E. Myers, Barbara Y. Whitman, Aaron L. Carrel, Victoria Moerchen, M. Tracy Bekx, David B. Allen

Energy expenditure and physical activity in Prader-Willi syndrome: Comparison with obese subjects (p 449-459) Merlin G. Butler, Mariana F. Theodoro, Douglas C. Bittel, Joseph E. Donnelly

Clinical-etiologic correlation in children with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS): An interdisciplinary study (p 460-468) Maria Torrado, Veronica Araoz, Edgardo Baialardo, Karina Abraldes, Carmen Mazza, Gabriela Krochik, Blanca Ozuna, Vivian Leske, Silvia Caino, Virginia Fano, Lilien Chertkoff (Note: This is the only article or study not involving a PWSA (USA) SAB or CAB member.)

X-chromosome inactivation patterns in females with Prader-Willi syndrome (p 469-475) Merlin G. Butler, Mariana F. Theodoro, Douglas C. Bittel, Paul J. Kuipers, Daniel J. Driscoll, Zohreh Talebizadeh

Intracranial abnormalities detected by three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging in Prader-Willi syndrome (p 476-483) Jennifer L. Miller, Jessica A. Couch, Ilona Schmalfuss, Guojun He, Yijun Liu, Daniel J. Driscoll

Deaths due to choking in Prader-Willi syndrome (p 484-487)
David A. Stevenson, Janalee Heinemann, Moris Angulo, Merlin G. Butler, Jim Loker, Norma Rupe, Patrick Kendell, Carol L. Clericuzio, Ann O. Scheimann

Research Letters

Thyroid function studies in Prader-Willi syndrome (p 488-492)
Merlin G. Butler, Mariana Theodoro, Jennifer D. Skouse


Scientific abstract submissions presented at the 27th Annual PWSA (USA) National Conference in Orlando, Florida (p 493-502)
Guest Editor: Merlin G. Butler


Other upcoming publications from our SAB and CAB board members


In an email from Dr Ann Scheimann: The bariatric surgery paper will be published in JPGN (Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition) RE: JPGN-NA-07-54; "Critical Analysis of Bariatric Procedures in Prader-Willi Syndrome" 

Also, JPGN-NA-07-5, will be publishing some of the results of PWSA (USA) sponsored Study of PWS Deaths project entitled "Gastric Rupture and Necrosis in Prader-Willi Syndrome" submitted by Dr. Stevenson and including, Janalee Heinemann, Moris Angulo, Merlin G. Butler, Jim Loker, Norma Rupe, Patrick Kendell, Carol L. Clericuzio, Ann O. Scheimann  

Dr. Phillip Lee had his article on Growth Hormone and Mortality in Prader-Willi Syndrome, published in the Growth, Genetics & Hormones journal in March 2007. in Volume 23 #1

In a fuutre edition, the Am J of Med Genet will publish Dr Moris Angulo’s article on Final Adult Height in PWS.  

We want to thank our dedicated and hardworking advisory board members for their outstanding work on behalf of our children! 

Janalee Heinemann
Executive Director, PWSA (USA)

edited: 02/09/2012

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